I get the honor of helping people just like you who want to feel better…whether it’s to improve their relationship, confidence, money situation, or sense of contribution.

It is possible.

Even if you’re feeling stuck or scared.

Together we will change the results in your life!

These examples are only SOME of the topics we can discuss:
+ Getting a new job
+ Finding love
+ Making peace with your mother
+ Following your meal plan
+ Getting to the gym consistently
…and SO much more!

Let's solve your problems and tackle your goals!
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“Kristine inspired me to have a more positive outlook on my goals I thought were impossible to achieve.”


“During and after my call, I didn’t feel pressured or “coached” into anything. I felt heard and motivated towards change.”


“Kristine is not afraid to discuss ALL uncomfortable things of your life…she is SO easy to talk to and she truly listens!”

Through my years of experience in health and fitness initiatives, thriving skin care business, and well-known sense of passion, I thrive to motivate and inspire a happier, healthier sense of self for hundreds of women in my community.
I am an example to show that by moving away from “perfection” and into “present”, even the toughest critics – you and I – can move past our own overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead succeed in a life that we value and love.
Kristine Rucker Life Motivational Personal Coach - Diet Exercise About Kristine Keto

About Me

Kristine Rucker Life Motivational Personal Coach - Keto Certified Coach

I’m a Certified Keto & Life Coach based in Scottsdale, AZ and Eau Claire, WI.

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